Unknown Entry 127

unknown cosplay 127 at oh no! manga cosplay camp

One thing I learned from attending my first cosplay convention in a long time is that there are really a lot of characters that I don’t recognize. Is it because I’m that far out of the loop or that there are really a lot of new anime and games coming out these days?

Well, the good thing about this blog is that I can post as many photos of unknown cosplays I want. Some people have been treating this like a game every week, which is all good for me.

It was hard to miss this guy at the convention because he was by the entrance of the Sky Dome. I’m not sure if he was there on purpose, but people were snapping photos of him every 2 minutes! I kinda felt bad for him being stuck there, but it looked like he was having fun (at least, I’d like to think so).

So, would anyone happen to know who he’s cosplaying as and who the cosplayer is? Feel free to leave comments here or on my Facebook Page. Hope you like the photo!

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