Bleach Arrancar Wonderweiss Margera White Cosplay Costume

This bleach Arrancar Wonderweiss Margera white cosplay costume is made of Arrancar jacket with a hole on the middle of chest and long sleeves, the white hakama and the hollow mask. It is a great cosplay choice for both boys and girls due to the special outside appearance of Wonderweiss. Obviously, girls are more interested in this bleach cosplay.
As the member of bleach arrancar, Wonderweiss Margera is a powerful Arrancar, although he is child-like and has light blonde hair with neck-length, freckles and bright purple eyes. In my point of view, he is a poor and tragic bleach character, because his memory, speech and intelligence are all removed in order to enhance his power. There is no difference between him and the machine.
If you look the same as Wonderweiss, the short blonde hair and freckles and big eyes, and then it is a must-try cosplay for you. Or if you are a small cosplayer ( he is about 155cm), this one would be a cool choice.

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