Touhou Project: Izayoi Sakuya and Flandre Scarlet

touhou project cosplay - izayoi sakuya and flandre scarlet

Because she was ordered by her sister Remilia never to leave the mansion for nearly 500 years, Flandre Scarlet knows very little about the outside world. In fact, she has never had any substantive contact with humans before the events of the Extra Stage from the “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”. Izayoi Sakuya is the only exception, as she is the maid of the mansion with Remilia as her mistress.

This is so cute! You can almost hear Sakuya telling the young mistress not to move as she adjust her ribbon! Flandre looks like she’s a very good girl. Thanks to Jane for sending this and please view the rest of the photo shoot from Hasui!

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