Bleach Arrancar Tesra Lindocruz Cosplay Costume

Bleach Arrancar Tesra Lindocruz is slim with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. There is turquoise marking on his right cheek and an eye patch on his right eyes. This bleach cosplay is suitable for both boys and girls for that Tesra is of medium height and has common body shape. 
This is the corresponding cosplay costume for Tesra cosplay; it is somewhat different from the clothes of other members of Arrancar, composed of white overcoat, matching pants, black gloves and the hollow mask. It is a cool and easy cosplay for cosplayers.

 If you are the fan of Bleach or Tesra and want to dress up as one of the characters of Bleach, or you want to try something easy, Tesra cosplay is a good choice.

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