Bleach Mashiro Kuna Cosplay Costume

A friend of mine asks me that which character would be suitable for a cosplay girl doesn’t want to show much skin, the less the better. And the first one comes to my mind is Celty Sturluson from Durarara, "The Black Biker" or “The Headless Rider". But, now, bleach Mashiro Kuna is also a good choice, how could i forget her! 
Mashiro has an appearance of a young girl with Hazel eyes. She wears a white bodysuit with orange gloves, boots and scarf, along with a set of goggles atop her lime green hair in human world. When staying in Soul Society, she wore a standard Shinigami robes with very long sleeves, plus pink scarf and glasses over her wavy lime green hair.
This bleach Mashiro cosplay costume looks the same as the one she wear in human world. If you are love this type of clothing or want to display curved shape, or don’t want to expose your skin because of different reasons, this one would be an ideal choice.

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Impressive Final Fantasy Cosplay Swords (2)

Here again, some swords for final fantasy cosplay. They look extremely cool whenever i see it.
Final fantasy Squall cosplay sword

Final fantasy Genesis Sword

 Final fantasy Sephiroth cosplay sword

Final fantasy Paine cosplay

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Hetalia: Axis Powers China Yao Cosplay Costume

Yeah, this is one of the emblematic cosplay costumes for Hetalia China cosplay; it looks cute and noticeable among the other outfits because of its special design of the whole apparel, the jacket with Chinese style buttons and the short trousers display a vivid image of traditional Chinese country girl.
Wang Yao is an easy-going young man and is into food and cute things, for example, he is a gig fan of Hello Kitty. In a word, he is an adorable man for us to do the cosplay.
If you are a fan of the character of Hetalia Wang Yao and a zealous fan of Chinese culture, this would be an ideal choice for you to be a similar one by means of wearing this cosplay costume.

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Bleach Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay

What do you think of this bleach Isshin cosplay? In my point view, this cosplayer is excellent and incomparable. Um, it looks as if Ichigo’s father is looking as me but not a cosplay. And I just wonder why he is so look-alike as Isshin. It is perfect job.
 As the farther of bleach Ichigo, Isshin Kurosaki runs a private clinic in human world and is a tall muscular man with spiky black hair and brown eyes, plus there is thin facial hair around his mouth and on his cheeks. Isshin generally looks like a wacky and high-spirited father in his family. As a matter of fact, he is a Shinigami and would be more serious then.

Do you want to show you talent to display a fantastic bleach cosplay, the same this guy or better one or something else? Take action to cosplay your favorite bleach character or others as long as you want to, you would never know what it would be till you try it.

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Final Fantasy XII Ashe Cosplay Costume

This is the corresponding dress for final fantasy xii Ashe cosplay, actually Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca is her full name. Ashe is a Princess with neck-length blonde hair and blue or gray eyes at the age of 19. This cosplay outfit is the one of the typical wears she has and also is the standard piece, aside from this one, there are three attires in final fantasy, namely, the marriage gown, mourning gown and the peach gown.
This final fantasy costume is composed of a white and gold shirt, a leather waist belt and sash, a red mini-skirt with a light-blue belt, mid-thigh metal leg-guards and arm covers, which is somewhat complex. On the other hand, it reveals the special outside appearance of this character.

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Bleach Tercera Espada Nel Cosplay Costume

As one of the members of bleach Espada, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, known as Nel, is one the popular cosplay choices for girls. This is one of the cosplay costumes for portraying Nel, which is in the form of white shirt, matching pants and black belt, somewhat sexy and special cosplay dress.
Cosplay bleach Nel by means of dressing this suit would make us feel the same as her in this series. As a matter of fact, apart from the other female bleach characters, Nel is also a hot and adorable girl. What is more, the kawaii skull on her head and the curl lake blue hair, which makes her more beautiful and appeal.

Hetalia Axis Powers Kiku Honda (Japan) Cosplay

 Hetalia Japan, his human name is Kiku Honda, is a quite young man and holds the common feature of Japanese people. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He is the main character of Hetalia Axis Powers, and the typical accoutrement is in the form of white officer uniform.

As the pictures show, the cosplay wig is just right for Japan cosplay, really a great one. And the cosplay costume looks the same as the one that Japan wears in this series, the white jacket and trousers with exquisite designs of the details. We have to admit that a good cosplay dress could help us to perfect our show to the fullest.

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Final Fantasy VII Rufus Shinra Cosplay Costume

This final fantasy vii Rufus Shinra cosplay costume is one of the choices for Rufus Shinra cosplay, which is in the form of white long suit with a matching jacket, plus white trousers and shirt, a cool and noticeable piece for cosplay.

Rufus is one of the characters of Final Fantasy series, different from many of the other members, he usually wears white suit, which embodies that he is a person in pursuit of perfection and loves everything spotless. In the matter of his appearance, Rufus is tall in stature, and has blue eyes and blond hair, and a shotgun is his weapon, in addition, he is quite strong.
Cosplay final fantasy Rufus is a great choice for you if you are interested in armed man who uses shotgun, and of course also love the white uniform.

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay

Umm, I have to admit that this bleach Rukia cosplay looks really the same as the character Rukia Kuchiki. This girl has Rukia’s face, right? She has a pair of big eyes, what is more, it looks like that she does not wear a wig, and instead, it is her real hair, which makes her more vivid and natural. I love her cosplay.
More often than not, we have to wear the wig of our favorite character because that we have different hair color or hairdo, and most of the time, we cannot style it naturally or make it satisfies our eyes. In this way, it would be much better if we cosplay the look-alike character and also our favorite character at the same time.
On my part, cosplay bleach Rukia is not so easy as we thought. Generally, what's reached in the end may be worse than what was proposed. So we should think it over and make good preparation before we go about the cosplay if we really want to get a noticeable result.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay Costume

Yeah, this black outfit is for your final fantasy cosplay, FF Versus XIII Noct cosplay costume, which is composed of dark black color that appears cool appeal connecting with the short sleeve overcoat, pants, gloves and shirt, which is a brilliant piece as the cosplay clothing. It looks really the same as the one that Noct wears in the game.
Noct is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, has short, spiky black hair, a cool and handsome prince. He shows odd skills in battle embodying in his various weapons, like swords, spears and firearms and others, which is extremely cool. At the same time, both cosplay boys and girls are interested in this character.
So this cosplay dress becomes the most popular choice for boys and girls. We could feel something special as long as we out on this suit.

Remarkable Bleach Ichigo Cosplay

There is no denying that bleach Ichigo cosplay is one of the most popular cosplay choices in the heart of the cosplay boys and girls. And at the same time, we could find that there are all kinds of impersonators in different types of cosplay occasions, some of them are really fantastic, everything seems perfect, and some of them are just for fun by means of wearing the Ichigo cosplay costume, along with the other accessories. 
Here, the cosplay boy in the picture of course belongs to the former type of cosplayer. Suitable apparel, cool sword and the hollow mask, plus his vivid gesture, all of them make him a vivid Ichigo in front of us.

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