Angelina Cosplay from Kuroshitsuji

Bleach Cosplay: The 7th Division Sajin Komamura and Tetsuzaemon Iba

When it comes to the big cosplay, the bleach captain Sajin Komamura of course is a great choice. As the 7th captain of Bleach, Komaura is an anthropomorphous wolf and he wears a helmet at the beginning but then he is confident to throw it away after fighting with Kenpachi Zaraki. As for Iba, he is the lieutenant of the 7th Division wearing black sunglasses, what is more he has a distinctive hair cut among the other members of Soul Reapers.
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As the picture shows, the two bleach cosplay men display us cool Komaura and Iba. They look extremely the same as what they are imitating. It can be said that some of would make a mistake at the first sight. Yeah, they are excellent. The cosplay costumes together with the cosplay accessories play an important role in their cosplay, and they look great and quite suitable for two of the men.

Impressive Final Fantasy Cosplay Swords

Aside from the cosplay costumes, the impressive sword also plays significant role in final fantasy cosplay. These cool cosplay swords make us get closer to the imitated character. 
Final Fanatsy Lightning Sword
Versus Sword
Cloud Sword

Denmark Hetalia Cosplay Costume

Well, I have never thought about cosplay Hetalia Denmark till I see one cool girl does it. Cuz I don’t think it would be nice for a girl to put on this cosplay costume, the overcoat, shirt, trousers, along with tie. Kongeriket Denmark has light blond hair, a loud and big-hearted young man who loves drinking. In a word, he is not my style.
But, that cosplay girl makes me change my mind on this Hetalia cosplay. She looks really like Denmark, and the costume suits her perfectly. So, I get that we would never know the truth till we try it.
In this way, if you have no opinion of some character or his or her accoutrement only because of the superficial impression, you should get deeper understanding. What about try this Hetalia character now?

Anime Bleach

Since there are numerous comics and cartoon series in our life comes from different countries, at the same time, we cannot deny that those series of Japan are really outstanding and in a class by itself. As one of the popular Japanese Anime, Bleach of course has held tons of fans all over the world. On the other hand, some people would not so interest in this one.
As for me, I am a zealous anime fan and I have no idea when it took my fancy, but I know it is a long time now for I have watched so many series. Personally, I’m more interested in romantic anime. I love such kind of feeling. In terms of Bleach, there are several couples attract my attention, so I watch it all the time. And the special story plots, along with the great character designs are also fascinating.
Of course, some of the episodes are not so interesting, so I would like to pass them without any hesitation. Yeah, it seems that they have nothing to do with the whole story. This is just my personal tastes. Anyhow, I would not stop watching Bleach.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Cosplay Costume

With the appearance of the final fantasy xiii-2, cosplay this final fantasy series becomes quite hot in the eyes of cosplay boys and girls, of course with no exception of FF XIII-2 Serah. Different from the former accoutrement which is cute and pretty in the form of white coat and cute plaid skirt in the ff xiii, the typical outfit is sexier and more revealing, which is composed of on-piece and stockings.
There is no denying that the former Serah cosplay costume has gained a large number of lovers and has led a fashionable trend of cosplaying final fantasy Serah because of the special and adorable design of clothing. What is more, it is the first choice for those cosplay girls who into the kawaii type pf clothing. As for this XIII-2 Serah costume, it is also suitable for the cute girls, and moreover, it is also an ideal choice for these sexy girls.
I’m really attracted by this new accoutrement of Serah and most of you would feel the same as me, believe it or not, there would more and more cosplay girls appear in the cosplay cons to display this charming girl. It can be said that it is a great cosplay dress and you would be satisfied with this suit even if you are not a fan of Serah.

Pokemon Pikachu Pictures

As one of the popular pokemon, Pikachu has won tons of people’s heart including boys, girls, kids, men and women from all walks of life all over the world. For me, Pikachu is extremely cute, anything about it looks adorable, here I collect some of its picture and want to share them with you.

Pictures of Bleach Characters

It seems that any bleach picture is eye-catching in my eyes and there are tons of pictures that I want to keep. Each bleach character holds respective charm and unique feature. Now, here again, some of the amazing pictures that I want to share with you., such as Ichigo, Ulquiorra, Chad and so forth bleach fans.

Yellow and White Final Fantasy IX Garnet Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy ix Garnet is a beautiful young woman and the Princess of Alexandria. And this is one of her typical accouterments she wears in this game, which is made of yellow jumpsuit, waist band, necklace and the separated white sleeves.
 Due to many of her characteristics which stirs the cosplayers’ interest to do such imitating, especially for the girls. Garnet is strong-willed and stubborn sometimes, and she is well spoken and highly educated at the same time. However, she is also shy and quite na├»ve because of her growing environment.
As regards Garnet cosplay, it is an unusual choice for the activity of cosplay. There are different appeals that are displayed by the epigones. Some of them look cute, some are pretty and some of them are sexy in the same Garnet cosplay costume, so whatever the appearance you want to reveal, which is totally depends on you, and each of the image has its own charm. And it does no matter how you look like, as long as you are the fanatic of her, you could dress her cosplay outfit to fulfill your passion to the fullest.
Portraying Garnet is wondrous for any of you to display an elegant and cool cosplay in the show. Try this final fantasy cosplay, if you like or have long black hair.

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Jacket for Cosplay

This white jacket with short sleeves and zip in the front belongs to bleach Ichigo Kurosaki. It is made of cotton and colors several stripes. As for cosplay, it is a good choice, at the same, it is also perfect for the use of informal clothes, that is to say we could out it on in our daily life as long as we like. We could not only to be the same as our favorite character Ichigo but also could wear it anywhere except cosplay occasions.

Different from the Ichigo Bankai uniform or the Execution suit, this piece reveals simple and usually appeal to us. Let’s stay with you Ichigo all the way!

Sexy Pokemon Skyla Cosplay Costume

As one of the Gym Leaders, pokemon Skyla uses Flying-Type Pokemon in her gym. She is one of my favorite pokemon characters. She looks sexy and active as well as is full of energy. Her accoutrement among the other member is also unique and striking but not so complicated. The typical cosplay costume is in the form of shorts with gloves and her belly is uncovered, it is cool and sexy to me. 
It is also an easy cosplay for cosplay girls. We could make the suit on our own as long as we know something about sewing with a little skill. It is all right to buy the relative fabric from the store or make full use of our old clothes.
Cosplay pokemon Skayla is really a good choice for those girls who are into the cute but sexy style of portraying, the long red hair look quite beautiful. At the same time, if you just have the similar hairstyle and fair skin as Fuuro, and then you should have a try.

Final Fantasy IV Dark Knight Cecile Cosplay Costume

The dark armor covers whole body and face, which is the accoutrement that final fantasy iv Darker Knight Cecile Harvey has. There is no denying that this is extremely cool in the eyes of the cosplayers and the game players. At the same time, many of us want to cosplay this striking character because of his special cosplay outfit.
FF IV Cecile is a special character designed among the other final fantasy series. He is the leading role but as a satanic young man at beginning and finally becomes the Paladin at last. We get that it dose no matter who you were and what you did as long as we could find the correct way of living through the troubles in the end. However hard life is, we could get a rosy future, just put the past in the past.
This final fantasy cosplay costume, actually is the dark armor, is not easy for us to make on our own. It can be said that we must be a really skilled sewer and then we could get a good piece. It is impossible for me to make it.

Revealing Bleach Halibel Cosplay Costume

What do you think of this revealing and sexy bleach Halibel cosplay costume? We cannot deny that Halibel is one of the most sexy bleach characters in our heart. She impresses us deeply at my first sight. When we have a look at her and there would be a strong feeling come to our mind that is what a cool and sexy girl she is! However, for me, I am afraid that I would never put on this cosplay dress anyhow (though I want to have a try in my dream), aha, for lack of confidence and body shape.

This bleach cosplay costume is in the form of small pieces linked by gossamer and is made of cotton and gossamer. And I cannot not imagine how fantastic it would be if I have it on. Meanwhile, I find that there are numbers of cosplay girls try this piece in the cosplay conventions. They look differently but all are sexy and eye-catching.

Well, anyhow, any of us could try this anime cosplay as long as we like, nobody could stop us. To have fun is the most important thing for us to start certain cosplay and to participate in the cosplay cons. Enjoy your cosplay!

Purple Pokemon Gary Oak Cosplay Costume

Today I am going to talk something about pokemon Gary Oak, right, it is really a long time since we met him the first time. But we keep him in mind all the way and he would ever stay with us. As the activity of cosplay develops more and more popular, cosplay pokemon Gary is always one of our choices. The boy who has spiky brick red hair, black eyes and cute faces is suitable for both cosplay boys and girls.

Speaking cosplay Gary, the suit which is made up of purple coat with long sleeves, blue pants with a piece of necklace is one of his typical accoutrements in Pokemon. As a matter of fact, it is an easy cosplay for us. If you are know something about sewing not a skilled sewer at all, it is also ok for you make the cosplay costume by yourself. So, let’s get started!

Final Fantasy Tidus Cosplay Costume

The typical final fantasy Tidus cosplay costume is composed of yellow jacket, leather coat and pants along with gloves as the picture shows. And this piece would be the first one that would come across our mind when we plan to cosplay Tidus. At the same time, this final fantasy character is quite popular to the cosplay boys because of the adorable personality of Tidus.

As the main protagonist of FF X, Tidus is carefree, youthful and sensitive as well as optimistic. It seems that we are charmed by him all the way. So boys are willing to put on the cosplay costume in the shows with the cool sword. And there is another reason is that he finds favor in the eyes of a beautiful girl Yuna.
So if you are a cheerful boy, have blond or tan hair and want to cosplay with your girl friend. This would be a great choice for you cosplay convention.