Bleach the Segunda Espada Barragan Luisenbarn Cosplay Costume

As one of the powerful Arrancars, Barragan Luisenbarn is not a handsome or adorable guy at our first sight. However, there is really something attractive in the eyes of some of the cosplay boys. This bleach cosplay costume is his typical accoutrement and the popular cosplay outfit to the imitators, which is in the form of white coat with black fur, skirt, belt, hair piece and yellow arm protectors along with three black fur stripes running along the bottom, actually a cool piece for portraying.
We could clear see the image of bleach Barragan Luisenbarn from this suit. When it comes to the outside of his appearance, he is an old man with white moustache and hair. The large scars across his right eyes are somewhat of impressive and awful. Well, anyhow, he is a muscular man with stubborn, arrogant, prideful personality.
So cosplay bleach Barragan is extremely cool and imposing in this cosplay costume. And it is suitable for any of you, boys, as long as you are into such type of clothing style or this bleach character. Maybe it would be more suitable for fat or big guys.

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