Bleach Kurotsuchi Nemu Cosplay Costume

When speaking of the female bleach characters, the sexy ones we have Orihime and Rangiku, the cool one we have Shihouin, the cute one we have Rukia and what do you think of Nemu? Well, to tell the truth, it is hard for me to describe her, but I will try. Bleach Kurotsuchi Nemu is the lieutenant of the 12th Division, she is a kind-hearted girl, soft, reticent and passive. But, maybe just because of her quietness, others are active in Bleach at the same time; we have the chance to notice her existence together with her special traits.
We want to cosplay bleach Nemu for that we want to feel what she feels and act what she acts, and we are eager to bring her to our life and to be the same as her. In the matter of portraying her, this bleach cosplay costume is of course the first choice for us. The image of Nemu in the short Kimono with belt would firstly come to our mind when referring to her.
So, now if you want to know more about Nemu or want to display a cute and soft image in the show, put on this cosplay costume.

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