Bleach Dark Rukia Cosplay Costume

Bleach dark Rukia cosplay costume
This is the bleach dark Rukia cosplay costume in the picture, which is made up of long dark red cloak, white long coat and yellow belt, plus the design is totally different from the former one that I have mentioned, namely the beach Rukia Kuchiki white and blue cosplay costume, and this piece shows an dashing looks. It is somewhat bold with unique design.
Cosplay Rukia with this attire must get a completely different feeling in the show. You could not only feel the same as her but also could represent a notable looks in front of other cosplayers, while the fashion and distinctive cosplay would be created by you. When looking at this clothing, it gives me a kind of cool and larruping feeling, and as if there is something magical it radiates.
Bleach Rukia cosplay is suitable for all the fans on the condition that you are not the special one who has much fat or something else, you know what I mean. Of course, if you just want to have fun and express your affection on Rukia and any of you could try this cosplay. So enjoy yourself!

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