Final Fantasy Famle Cosplay Costumes Contain Various Fashion Elements

Tifa cosplay costume-the white top and shorts
       A friend asked me that if the Tifa cosplay costume will not be a hot in the heart of the cosplayers any more several days ago. And I shook my head. When we take a close look at the whole final fantasy cosplay costumes, and we will find that all of them contain various fashion elements with no exception of the Tifa outfits. Hence, we could say that not only the Tifa clothing will not be outmoded but also all the others.
Firtly, let’s have a look at these female cosplay outfits in detail. Generally speaking, there are two pieces that the cosplayers often wear them to impersonate Tifa. One is ths sexy accoutrment which is composed of the white top with braces, shorts and gloves, which is really a simple but eye-catching one and the classical Tifa attire. Another one is mainly made up of waistcoat, half length skirt, gloves and pants, which is the typical Tifa leather cosplay costume and reveals a kind of female charm, yet cool.
Sexy and elegant Lulu cosplay costume
And then is the Lulu cosplay suit which is in the form of the low-cut, fur-lined, floor-length, and many different fanshion elements we could find from it, such as elegance, sexy appeal along with a sense of the mysterious. As for Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron cosplay, the cute and pretty clothing is connecting of white shirt with buttons; turn down collar coat without sleeves and cute plaid skirt.  
Still many other female characters of Final Fantasy games with different genres, as long as we are the fan of these girls as well as this game, this cosplay and the cospaly clothes will never be outdated.

Bleach Soul Reaper Cosplay Costumes

Soul Reaper Rukia Cosplay Costume
        It seems that all the Bleach Soul Reaper cosplay costumes are in the same pattern except the Taichous’. Hence, there are mainly two types of Soul Reaper uniforms. One is the common member’s clothing, which is in the form of a black piece, namely the mid-sleeve Kimono with a white waistband. This style is simple but shows a powerful feeling, and is forward enough to meet the taste of the people in modern times. On the other hand, dress this kind of cosplay outfit in the show could not only display the special genre of Bleach, but also could show the unique style of yourself in the activity. Each people will show respective image when wearing the same apparel.
        Another one is the bleach Taichou clothes that is composed of the long sleeve Kimono with the white belt plus a white mantle with long or short sleeves, and in addition, there is the corresponding number at the back according to the Bantai, which resents their superior status.
13th Division Captain Ukitake Juushiro Cosplay Costume
        In a word, the bleach Soul Reaper cosplay clothing symbolizes the particular identity of Sould Reaper. As long as you have it on, you will be recognized as the member. And there are so many soul reapers for your choice; choose your favirite one and then put on his or her accoutrement, you will bring the Soul Reaper into reality. Since, all the garments looks the same, you should make a good preparation for the wig, which will contribute a lot to your bleach cosplay.

Black Final Fantasy VII Yuffie Cosplay Costrume

Apart from the blue and yellow piece, there is a black final fantasy vii Yuffie cosplay costume, which reveals a completely different appeal from the former one and contains vest, jacket with a hood, wrist bands, headband, leather belt, socks and gray shorts and it represents black tone.
Final Fantasy VII Yuffie cosplay costrume
In terms of the design, it is more suitable for those final fantasy Yuffie cosplayers who are comparatively slim and cute. I mean that this suit looks somewhat simple but dashing. It does not suit thoes ones who are plumpy to some extent on the condition that you do this cosplay in pursuit of the resemblance and the perfection. That is to say, cosplay Yuffie not only for the purpose of having fun but also displaying a perfect show in front of other participants in the activity.
    If you are keen on the black and cute style, this final fantasy cosplay outfit is your best choice. As matter of fact, as long as you are the zealous fan of Yuffie, any of her attires will be the most captivating piece in your eyes, right? Ok, put on your favorite one and show the real Yuffie to the others. You are the most remarkable one.

Pokemon Black and White Bianca Cosplay Costume

As regards the Pokemon Black and White Bianca cosplay costume, the typical one is made up of orange shirt-vest with the V neck, the white undershirt and the skirt that goes past the knee and is semi-fitted all the way down. In terms of cosplaying Pokémon Bianca, besides the cosplay costume, there are the other accessories also play an important role of it, such as the special hat, the bag and the wig. The yellow hair together with the cute hat is the most notable feature about Bianca, if you portray her without the two, I’m sure your show will be imperfect.
Pokemon Black and White Bianca
  As one of the female rivals in Pokemon Black and White, Bianca has a mighty heart and is innocent but sometimes is not so reliable. In a word, there is something really attractive that many of the cosplayers focus their attention on this kind of pokemon cosplay.
The same as the Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplay, both of them have a large number of followers who bring their fictional role into reality and act the same as them in the show. Additionally, it seems that we could always behold two of them appear in the show together wherever by wearing the distinctive pokemon cosplay outfit, which is really interesting.

The Blue and Yellow Final Fantasy Yuffie Cosplay Costume

As for Final Fantasy Yuffie cosplay costumes, it seems that all her clothing are the sleeveless tops and short pants. One of them is in the form of sleeveless tops and yellow short pants which has blue and yellow color with a special sash on the left shoulder and black belt. As the picture shows, this piece is comparatively protrudent in terms of color and would be a hot choice for the girls.
Final Fantasy Yuffie Cosplay Costume
Cosplay Final Fantasy Yuffie could bring us different enjoyment, especial for those fans of Yuffie even though she is an optional playable character of Final Fantasy games. She shows us an optimistic and lively image with short black hair. In short, she is a cute, charming and cunning girl and a great choice for cosplay.
     Since she has a cute faces and petite figure, most of the cosplayers are the female. As a matter of fact, she would not suit for the boys to carry on the gender-crossing cosplay to some extent. However, it is ok if some of the boys are really want to have a try and to challenge this imitating.

Bleach Dark Rukia Cosplay Costume

Bleach dark Rukia cosplay costume
This is the bleach dark Rukia cosplay costume in the picture, which is made up of long dark red cloak, white long coat and yellow belt, plus the design is totally different from the former one that I have mentioned, namely the beach Rukia Kuchiki white and blue cosplay costume, and this piece shows an dashing looks. It is somewhat bold with unique design.
Cosplay Rukia with this attire must get a completely different feeling in the show. You could not only feel the same as her but also could represent a notable looks in front of other cosplayers, while the fashion and distinctive cosplay would be created by you. When looking at this clothing, it gives me a kind of cool and larruping feeling, and as if there is something magical it radiates.
Bleach Rukia cosplay is suitable for all the fans on the condition that you are not the special one who has much fat or something else, you know what I mean. Of course, if you just want to have fun and express your affection on Rukia and any of you could try this cosplay. So enjoy yourself!

Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplay is of course one of the hot choices for the pokemon cosplayers. As one of the rivals in Pokemon Black and White, Cheren is such a boy who is highly intelligent and faithful to player, and he often gives the player character advice and trains the player’s skills.
Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay
Cosplay pokemon Cheren seems interesting and amusing. Even though he is a boy, we could find many of the girls who portray him in the cosplay show in the pokemon cosplay costume. For the reason that he is not so strong or manly as the other characters in the aspect of the figure or the appearance. Hence he is suitable for both girls and boys. 
As for the cosplay outfit, the classic piece contains blue suit with white collar, black pants and white vest inside. And I find one Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplayer as it shows in the picture, I think she is a female imitator from the comely faces. But I was really shocked by her impersonating, and the looks she displays is indeed perfect. She could attract people’s attention in the show easily and get applause from others. And without doubt, this cosplay clothing contributes a lot.

The Leather Final Fantasy VIII Squall Cosplay Costume

This is one of the Final Fantasy VIII Squall cosplay costumes for Squall cosplay. As for Squall, he is the protagonist of FF VIII and he is cool-blooded with stalwart heart and limitless potential. In addition, he is always farouche and shows no interest to anything except his mission before meeting Rinoa, the heroine in this game. However, he changes a lot after meeting her. And the feeling of the two is abrilliant part of the whole game.
In terms of Squall outfits, the typical accoutrement is the leather cosplay clothing, which is made up of black jacket with white villous collar, white shirt, black trousers and red waist band. It is a bet that whoever has this apparel on, he or she will be the focus in the show and displays different glamour from the other cosplayers. The special temperament of this piece will grasp other’s attention at once.
Cosplay Final Fantasy VIII Squall by dressing his cosplay costume is the best way to express the strong emotion of him and reveal the personal lifestyle and values. Whether you are a boy or a girl, as long as you are enamored with him and this suit, and just put on this one, it will fill you with all the wondrous feeling.

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki White and Blue Cosplay Dress

I have discussed the Bleach Rukia Kuchiki cosplay costumes in general in the former post. And here I would like to talk something about the certain piece, namely the Rukia cosplay dress. Speaking of this suit, what would you think of it?
Actually, this white and blue Rukia dress without sleeves is peculiar to her and we won’t think of anybody else except Rukia. The blue top with the notched lapel and the rest is sepereted by the red line on the chest, which is different from the common pattern. From the top, it looks like a sport wear, but from the rest part it is really a skirt. The figure of Rukia would come to my mind at the exact moment I see this dress.
Rukia is not so pretty or sexy or in good as some of the female characters of Bleach, however she has a special and her glamour is beyond discription, and it seems than there is something magic about her and I cannot help being mad for her. Cosplay bleach Rukia could bring us much meaning and joyment. This apparel is simple, but just because it belongs to the kind, tough, right-minded and the independent girl, Rukia, and then it has an irresistible charm.

Pokemon Black and White Team Plasma N Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Black and White Team Plasma N is also a hot in the eyes of the fans of the pokemon series. Actually he is a special character and possesses his own peculiarity. N is one of the roles and the leader of Team Plasmawhich is the crime syndicate in the Black and White versions. His real name is not known. He wants to separate Humans and Pokémon from each other, thus making it "Black and White." Anyhow, I am still very keen on him.
As the picture shows, N is an attractive boy, and his long green hairdo and the snappy hat are glamourous enough to attract us plus the simple but distinctive accoutrement along with the cute ornaments, he is really a captivating guy.
Pokemon Black and White Team Plasma N
As for the pokemon Black and White Team Plasma N Cosplay Costume, from what is mentioned above, the clothing is not that sexy or elegant as the female dresses, or the manly clothes that the men wear. But it is a safe bet that both girls and boys are enamored with this pokemon N cosplay outfit. It make us feel free. Don’t you think so?
Ok, if you are still doubtful about it, let’s have a try.

The Masculine Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Cosplay Costume

When is comes to the final fantasy vii cosplay, Sephiroth is obviously one of the requisite characters from this video game for the cosplay. As the main antagonist, he possesses the unique and outsanding quality among the other members. He is the result of an experiment by Shinra and holds the wild ambition of controling the planet from which we could see his brutal, cruel and strong-willed personality. Besides, Sephiroth is powerful and high intelligent and was once the best and the most powerful member of SOLDIER.
In tems of the final fantasy Sephiroth cosplay, most of the cosplayers are of course the male and also with no exception of the female. As for men, the most important thing for them is to show their manliness to others. And the classical Final Fantasy Sephiroth Cosplay Costume is composed of overcoat, trousers, shoulder piece and gloves as the picture shows, which is just right the perfect piece could meets this need. And we could feel the unusual property from the clothing from the picture, and not to mention wearing it. It is really a delicate dress for the coslay show, and we can see the elaborate cut and workmanship. It must be very comfortable when weat it in the show.
This masculine Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Costume will satisfy any of the impersonators, either in the aspect of appearance or the spirits.

Bleach Ichigo and Uryū Ishida, Who is the Winner?

Today, I want to talk something about bleach Ichigo and Uryū Ishida. It is well known that both of them are the main characters in Bleach, and ther is no denying that each of them has their own followers. And there was a fighting between two of them in the beginning of this series as the Soul Reaper and the Quincy. And who is the winner in your heart?
If ask me, my answer is two of them have their different strong points, and it is really hard to draw the exact conclusion. In tems of Ichigo, he is actuallly an excellent and potential Solu Reaper, and he is a talent. It seems that whatever he meets and he is always able to pull through finally with his infinite potential. But he is also not a perfect man in my eyes. He is too impetuous to solve the troubles he meets sometimes on his own, which is his greatest shortcoming.
And as regards bleach Uryū Ishida, he is an excellent Quincy and the faithful and trustworthy friend. He is the top student in his class and of course has a good head. Uryū on the contrary, is very calm in face of the troubles. And he could keep a level head and deal with the troublesome situation, which is his strongest asset.
So that’s my final answer, what’s yours?

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