Iris from Pokémon Best Wishes

Iris is also one of the companies of Ash Ketchum in the travelling and the character of Pokémon Best Wishes series. As for the nature of Iris, she is a wild girl who loves swinging from vines, so she is agile in her movements and she likes berries very much. Her pokemon do not hide in the ball but in her hair, we could easily find that her hairdo is quite different from the other female roles of Pokémon series, and it is a thick and long hair. In addition, Iris is terribly active and daring, as a result, she has taste for risk. Besides, she is easygoing and considerate.
Iris first meets Ash when he mistakes her as a Pokémon, and then she becomes his companion in the journey. It can be said that the most impressive things about her are her outside looks and her special nature. In a manner of speaking, she is a cute and lovely girl who could attractive a large number of fans to follow her all the way.
From the figure of Iris, we could find a lot of fun and relax greatly when following her. When speaking of the Pokemon cosplay, it is really interesting and meaningful to start such kind of portraying.

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