Bleach Tosen Kaname Cosplay Costume

Tosen Kaname from Bleach is a character that many anime enthusiasts want to portray at their cosplay shows. To be an aye-catching cosplayer, stunning cosplay costume is a must. Of course, other accessories for the character you are going to play with are also essential. If Tosen Kaname is the character you want to bring into life at the coming show. Never miss these fabulous offers. Pick a Bleach Tosen Kaname Cosplay Costume you like most from above pictures. You are sure to a successful cosplayer who will wow your friends and people at the show as well.

Here you can choose from Bleach 9th Division Captain Tosen Kaname Cosplay Costume, Bleach Tosen Kaname Arrancar Cosplay Costume and Bleach Tosen Kaname Hollow Form Cosplay Costume. The first one looks quite like costumes of other captains from Bleach anime. It includes a kimono, hakama, cape and sash. The second costume covers a white short sleeves kimono, a black hakama, a pair of black gloves and an orange scarf. The third one includes an overcoat, a mask and a pair of gloves.